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    Shower Doors

    You're naked.

    You're wet.

    You're holding a squeegee.

    Now is that any way to finish a relaxing shower?

    Thanks to the creative minds of interior designers, bathrooms now incorporate large expanses of clear glass doors that highlight beautiful stone and tile showering masterpieces.

    On the other hand, nearly every homeowner has experienced the annoying hard water stains that accompany these shower masterpieces, plaguing them with every shower they take.

    Many questions arise in the mind of the individual just finishing their shower: "Will I squeegee it today? What if my glass gets ruined? Will my spouse be upset if I don't? Maybe I should try to be the first one in the shower next time?"

    Diamon-Fusion Coachella Valley installs a patented non-stick coating called Diamon-Fusion that eliminates the need for daily squeegeeing of the shower glass doors while also ending the arguments between spouses over who is responsible for squeegeeing the doors after each shower.

    Simply put, Diamon-Fusion is like an aspirin for hard water stain headaches, and much less expensive than a marriage counselor or divorce attorney.

    Diamon-Fusion is available as a feature on new shower door installations or for existing shower doors. If hard water stains on your existing shower doors or windows are already a problem, the skilled Diamon-Fusion technicians can remove even the most stubborn water stains and create an effortless cleaning, non-stick surface.

    After each shower a quick swipe across the glass with a bath towel or micro-fiber they supply is all it takes to keep the glass looking crystal clear. You can even skip a day and just wipe away the residue the next day, reducing maintenance by up to 90%. No more chemicals or squeegees required.

    Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised to discover that the Diamon-Fusion non-stick coating can be applied to their existing sinks, toilets, glass table tops, windows, auto windshields, porcelain and glass tile and granite countertops.

    Here’s how it works: The two-stage process embeds an ultra-dense, 'diamond-like' molecule into the glass surface using covalent bonding. Covalent bonds are the kinds that share electrons between the surface and the coating. This unique bonding actually causes the coating to 'fuse' to the glass surface, actually becoming a part of the glass, contributing to its long-term durability.

    In 1998 local entrepreneur Tim Bloom, owner of Diamon-Fusion Coachella Valley, created the mobile application tools then used for Diamon-Fusion installations in the field and is the longest operating authorized installer in the world.

    A proven and patented technology since 2001, the Diamon-Fusion coating has been applied to glass surfaces on nearly every continent of the globe for new and existing glass, granite and porcelain surfaces.

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